Why have men been so hesitant to join a class?

Could be the challenging choreography, the sometimes effeminate music or movements - and yes - the myth that real men "don’t do" group exercise.

Welcome to 2016; many of our classes at ORC are geared towards athletic movements with little to no choreography. Overall strength, endurance, core strength and flexibility is beneficial not only for various sports but also for job performance and function.

In a group fitness class all individuals are more inclined to attend due to social interaction and put forth a better effort because of the group dynamics (American Council on Exercise). Group exercise unleashes feel-good endorphins that turns fitness into a pleasant addiction. Great music helps people enjoy working out more and increases the ability to exercise at higher levels, focusing on general fitness, strength or sport-specific training.

Research indicates a lack of supervision while exercising leads to twice the dropout rate when compared to exercising in groups (Dr. James Annesi). Our highly certified instructors will lead you through movements appropriate to the class and challenge each participant to work to their potential, offering modifications that will lead you to the top of your game.

“If you have assumed that exercise classes such as Group Power and Hard Core Abs are soft options when it comes to strength training then it’s time to think again! I have found Group Power to be the most challenging (and therefore rewarding) weight training regime. Key advantages over personal weight training are the emphasis on working all major muscle groups in one workout and the continuity from exercise set to the next (no time for watching sports during the workout!). The instructors are inspirational and set a grueling pace – no need for i-pods though the sound tack is always great.

Hard Core Abs as the name indicates is 60 minutes focused on core strength. This class should come with a written guarantee to enhance anyone’s sports performance. It’s also a great opportunity to challenge the urban myth that women have superior abdominal strength to men! The exercises will make you cry, the music will invigorate and the instructor certain to inspire. “

-Mark Edwards (ORC member)

"The Group Fitness program offers great variety, is highly challenging and is structured to allow each participant to work at his or her level.  I love that I can take a demanding strength-training class like Group Power on one day, and  experience the fun and energy of a Step class or even Zumba on another.  The core work embedded in the Total Body Control class is excellent, and has really helped my ward off back problems – which I’d suffered from for years. (I almost have a 2-pack...only 4 more to go).

The Group Fitness classes are mostly attended by women, but I think any man who is looking for a total body workout packed into 4 or 5 hours a week of spirited training should seriously consider Group Fitness as an exercise option."

-Mike Larkin

"Just to let you know how your Group Power has changed my “group class/exercise” outlook. I have been a member of ORC since 1986 and have never come close to attending any of the group classes.  My mindset was it was for people who are not motivated enough work out on their own and it was meant to be a more of what we consider the equivalent of “hit and giggle” tennis.  Well, I am the first one to admit that I am totally wrong!!

My wife has been asking me to come to your classes and participate in the Group Power Class, and I reluctantly agreed.  Well, I got hooked and can tell you your classes are a lot of fun, challenging and I can say without hesitation that I get 100% better results and feel I’ve worked out more in one hour of your class compared to when I am working out on my own.  There is absolutely no comparison.  I personally feel better, see results and definitely look forward to the next class.

A few friends have asked if I’ve lost weight when in fact my weight is exactly the same as before I started your classes (about 8 weeks).  I would say, my weight is now much better distributed.

I like the constant changes in the group routines, makes it more interesting. You say it best when you go……….”we’re not done!!!! Ahgaaain”!!!

See you next class!"

-Rod A.

"For me group power works... a combination of passionate instructors, routines choreographed to toe tapping tunes, (light dimming on cue)... all in all the best hour of the day!"

-Christopher Leroux